March 2018, New AKs in the USA purchase advice. 

Ok, sad to say with the sanctions against Russia now, and Arsenal Bulgaria running wide open with military contracts, our pickings for new, quality and “to spec” aka real AKs are sort of slim. Zastava has had soft metallurgy issues enough to where they are hit and miss and a gamble at your own risk. 

  • Arsenal. Current models are slim. Here are current offerings.
  • WASR. (Romanian Century Import) Ahh yes. The good ole WASR. Sadly price has gone considerably up and they are harder to find. Search result here. 
  • Atlantic Firearms. Atlantic is a well known web store that specializes in AKs. They sell several brands, some not recommended. Their internal builds are  generally decent quality and they stand behind what they sell. Here 
  • Buy a kit (demilled military AK or variant) pick a barrel and receiver, and have an AK smith build you one. This can be relatively economical, and with        the Cold Hammer forged USA barrels both chrome lined and nitrided available at Ak-Builder, you can get a military level AK built. See our links page for    a list of builders, and places to buy kits from, along with parts.
  • More added soon. Stay tuned!